How to Replace Your Septic Distribution Box

The septic distribution box is usually used to equally distribute wastewater from your septic tank to the dispersal field. As a matter of fact, the septic distribution box can be eroded and needs to be replaced over time. This task is not that difficult however, removing and changing the septic distribution box is actually a grueling and messy task.

The following are some of the steps on how to replace your septic distribution box:

1. Find the Septic Distribution Box

This must be very easy to perform however, it’s not always the case. The septic distribution box is basically put downhill or at the bottom of the sloping area on your property. This is the reason why they use gravity to gather and distribute water. If you were around when the septic distribution box was built, you will then know where it is. But if not, contact the local building permit office to get a record of your plans that will show the location of your distribution box.

2. Excavation

The septic distribution box is buried and made out of concrete. Remove the lid of your septic distribution box through shoveling away the dirt and debris surrounding it. Excavate until you reach the base of your distribution box and broaden your efforts so that there’s a space around your distribution box. In addition to that, you will also like to thoroughly dig out the lines, exposing a lot of feet of them.

3. Remove Your Distribution Box

The distribution box has a lot of pipe lines going into it that take in water as well as remove it to the field. Wiggle the box, moving it towards the leach field until all inlet pipes come off. Move the distribution box back to remove the pipe lines on the other portion which lead toward the field. Once the box is already free, you can now remove it.

4. Prepare the Ground

With your old distribution box removed, you should provide a flat portion for your new box. Use the level and the shovel to remove and pack down waste. Constantly inspect until the floor space is flat and level.

5. Install Your New Septic Distribution Box

Set your new septic distribution box in position by sliding on to the pipe lines leading toward the field. Aside from that, the pipes must be inside the distribution box. Line your septic system pipes up with the new septic distribution box, then slide it back until they are all placed inside the distribution box as well. Furthermore, adjust the new box so that both pipes are evenly aligned inside the distribution box.

Once you’re satisfied with it, put the plumber’s putty around the pipe lines where they enter the distribution box. Do this carefully outside as well as on the inside of the box. This basically seals all the pipes so that no leaks will ever occur. Once the plumber’s putty is in place, change the cover and rebury the septic distribution box. It’s also best that you ask the help of plumbers near me to assist you better.

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