Things you can do by the Beach  

The sea is such a wonderful place to spend the day with. You can relax bath in the sun, run amuck with the waves, or even maybe try some crazy sea sport for the first time. If you think surfing is the way to relax go hire a teacher and get some Bifold Doors and try it out. There are a lot of activities that you can do in the sea or by the sea.  


You just have to be willing to try the whole thing. You should also be unafraid when you need to do it finally. It needs to be like that, and it needs to be real for you. Letting go can be sometimes hard but it is needed so you can truly relax and have fun.  

The following are just some of the things you can do by the beach or in the sea that would make you live your life. You can create the moment only if you choose to. When your everyday life is bringing you down there is nothing like the wind and sun of the sea bringing you back up.  

Catch a Fish  

A quiet activity that requires a lot of sitting down. You might do it with company or do it alone. You can just contemplate whatever as you make sure that a fish would take a bite. You can do this for fun and let the fish go afterward or you can also just take the catch of the day and have it for dinner.  

Wave Jumping  

As a child things could be a little confusing and everything seems so big. A perfect thing to do is to try reverting back to that silly self you had. Go by the sea and try to jump over the waves. There is a liberating feeling when you just try to be yourself and laugh at your silly antics.  


There might be hidden treasures around your beach. Ask the locals if they have some cave around and explore it. You can also have maybe an island hopping fun and explore that too. It is an important thing to just go and have fun. However, you should remember to always put safety first before anything else. You don’t really want to have fun but lose an arm later too.

Crab catching  

Why not try catching a crab by the rock pool. You don’t have to eat the crab just catch them and have fun. You should not forget to check with the authority if you could do this though because it might be sanctuary and it won’t be allowed. You can also try getting some shellfish, that could be a fun alternative and you can have some seashells afterwards.  


Perhaps the most obvious thing to do, go swimming. You should try swimming the sea and just having fun. It is something that you should be looking forward to and it is something that you should be thankful that you have the skills. You never know when you might need it. 

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